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Tracelink - on your mobile and PC

ERP system
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Tracelink is an Internet-based platform for planning, managing and documenting corporate production.

In a simple and effective way, Tracelink creates an overview of all the company's resources and work processes from order to invoice.

Tracelink serves more than 200 companies with more than ...






Time records



Nice overview. Easy to follow the order's path through the house. Accurate recording of time. Good collaboration with e-conomic. Easy to correct orders after they are created and edit people's time tracking if they have the wrong clock time registrations.

Jens Thomassen, Manager. Speed Color A/S.

Tracelink's primary industries



Auto paint




Plug and play

It's easy and doesn't take many minutes to get started with Tracelink.

You can request Tracelink right here on the site (start a chat with us), download the mobile app and create users - then you are ready to use the system.


Tracelink can be integrated into a number of financial systems - e.g. C5, Microsoft Nav, e-conomic, AX, etc. More advanced integrations have been made for e-conomic and Microsoft Business Central

The two-way integration with e-conomic makes it possible to work with e-conomic directly from Tracelink, where orders, proposal, invoices are handled across the two systems.

The integration with Microsoft Business Central (the new online version of NAV) allows you to use all of the Business Central's features and let Tracelink handle the production - order templates, task management, scheduling, time tracking, etc.

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Tracelink is built around more than 30 modules - each with its own functionality and user value.

Each module can be configured to meet most user requests .

Read more about modules

I use Tracelink in my daily work. The system has a huge number of options. If we come across shortcomings in terms of usage, Tracelink's friendly and competent staff is always willing to explore the possibility of further developing the tools on the site.

I am very pleased with the system and not least the staff behind.

Rikke Jørgensen, Production Assistant, Give Steel A / S.

Access everywhere

Tracelink is located in the "cloud" and can be accessed anywhere with internet access. In the office or from the dining room via PC, or on the go on mobile or tablet.

You have full access to all your data - wherever you are. Easy documentation via mobile / tablet camera - directly on the order.


If you need help and have a support agreement, there is a Tracelink employee ready to help you either by phone or via email.

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