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Efficient production, planning, traceability, service, maintenance, purchasing, sales, and more.

IT-system for
production management

Tracelink is a digital MRP system for efficient production management and documentation of companies' stock, orders, shopping lists, etc.

In a simple and effective way, Tracelink creates a collection of all the company's resources and work processes from order to invoice.

You can get an overview of your company's efficiency at any time, as you have full access to all your data, wherever you are.

Keep track of your business with...

Order management

Dealines, status, journal

Stock management

Batch, tracking, cost price

Time registration

Calculation, tasks, salary profiles


Order, supplier, batch registration


BOM, templates, recipes

Production management

Machines, people, dependencies


Orders, tasks, capacity, booking

Quality assurance

Checklists, forms, CE reports


Digitize your workflow

Tracelink is built around more than 30 modules - each with its own functionality and user value. Each module can be configured and set up in Tracelink so that the system meets the needs you have for production, order, stock or quality management in your company.

And don't worry! We make sure to set up the system so that the right modules are configured and you get a good overview of the various work processes in your company.


Let's have a talk

If you need an efficient and inexpensive IT solution for production planning, quality assurance, order or inventory management, you can book a demo with us by e-mail or telephone.

Tracelink serves more than 200 companies with more than






Time records



Advanced software, simple platform

Why spend a lot of money on a big chrome ERP system when you can use Tracelink?

Over 300+ functions

Focus on ease of use

The best price on the market

Guaranteed good service

What others had to say

Nice overview. Easy to follow the order's path through the house. Accurate recording of time. Good collaboration with e-conomic. Easy to correct orders after they are created and edit people's time tracking if they have the wrong clock time registrations.

Jens Thomassen, Manager. Speed Color A/S.

I use Tracelink in my daily work. The system has a huge number of options. If we come across shortcomings in terms of usage, Tracelink's friendly and competent staff is always willing to explore the possibility of further developing the tools on the site.
I am very pleased with the system and not least the staff behind.

Rikke Jørgensen, Production Assistant, Give Steel A / S.

Tracelink's primary industries



Auto paint



How to get started



Book a presentation and experience Tracelink as it could look like for you - based on your industry.



Once you have accepted our offer, we will start your company's implementation process.



After start-up, our IT support is ready to help you with any challenges by phone and e-mail.

Why others choose Tracelink

Avoid duplicating your work

Many of our customers turn to us after using Excel and paper, which is sent around the company. Such a workflow presents many challenges and unanswered questions, for example: Do we have enough time? Do we have the materials we need? Are the machines available? etc.

With Tracelink, we create transparency between management and employees, so that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done to finish the orders. You thus not only optimize your workflow, you get better control of all the processes in the company, and you avoid duplication of work.

Our main value

We work with a focus on simplifying and streamlining you and your employees' everyday life through an intuitive management system

Cloud service

Access everywhere

Tracelink is located in the "cloud" and can be accessed anywhere with internet access. In the office or from the dining room via PC, or on the go on mobile or tablet.

You have full access to all your data - wherever you are. Easy documentation via mobile / tablet camera - directly on the order.


Need more information?

Why should I choose Tracelink?
Tracelink is designed to create an overview and structure in companies' production planning, documentation and quality control of the work - especially in production, steel and car painting companies, but also in the construction and food industries.

Our wide variety of modules makes it easy to adapt Tracelink to different industries.

If you need a better overview and management of the workflows in your company, you will benefit greatly from Tracelink's user-friendly order, storage and task functions. Tracelink keeps thorough track of all your orders, purchases, tasks and the goods in your warehouse, etc., so that your work processes are made more efficient, you experience fewer bottlenecks in production and orders are delivered on time.

You are more than welcome to read concrete customer cases about how our customers use Tracelink.

Does Tracelink work with other software?
Yes. Tracelink can be integrated into a number of payroll and finance systems, such as e-conomic, Microsoft Nav/Business Central, C5 and AX.
How much does it cost to get started with Tracelink?
The price depends on how many modules and users need to be configured. You only pay for what you use!

As a starting point, the price typically starts at £2700 for setup, configuration and training; thereafter it is typically £270 per month. This price covers minimal configuration and a minimum number of users, but we want to emphasize, that this is only an estimate. In the end, the prices comes down to what you need the system to do, and how many employees will use it.

You can read more about our price estimates for the typical industries we service.

When can I start?
The implementation period varies depending on which solution you are looking for. If you are a paint company, the implementation is often quick, but if you are a manufacturing company, it will typically take longer.

We estimate that it takes approx. 6 weeks to implement a basic solution provided that you (1) have all your data ready, (2) do not need special developments and (3) have set aside enough time for teaching etc. For the vast majority, however, the implementation (from the time you have accepted our offer until you are self-driving) takes around 3-4 months.

When you start the implementation, it will be an advantage that you can set aside at least 1 hour per week for teaching (preferably more) and that you have sorted the data you want to import. It will help speed up the process enormously.

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