"We chose to use Tracelink because we needed better traceability on our steel when we needed to be EN 1090 certified," says Jens Lyngsie, project manager at Slagelse Klejnsmedje


Slagelse Klejnsmedje employs 14 employees in two locations and delivers a wide range of designs to customers in the construction industry. In 2015, the company chose Tracelink to handle material traceability in relation to EN 1090. In addition to material traceability, the modules for hour registration and process documentation (including quality assurance) were also used.

Slagelse Klejnsmedje is certified for designs in Execution Class 2, but is preparing, among other things with the use of Tracelink, for a possible certification for Execution Class 3. Today, the steel is marked with Tracelink marks, immediately when it arrives from the wholesaler. The employee who receives the steel indicates the type of material, dimensions and an order number at the time of registration, after which Jens Nielsen himself links to the appropriate steel certificate at a later date.

With Tracelink he has got a tool that not only helps to comply with EN 1090, but also provides some opportunities to make things easier and more efficient.

Once the marking of the steel has become routine for everyone, it is intended, among other things, that Tracelink should also be used to manage the stump bearing. "We have a lot of leftovers that are not noticed, today it is basically scrap, but in the future we have to save the pieces with a mark on, so that we can always find the associated certificate".

Tracelink's hour registration has nothing to do with EN 1090, but it is a feature that has made life easier in Slagelse. “There were probably a few pieces that were a little bit off when we introduced hour registration with Tracelink,” Jens says, “but we quickly got used to it. All employees now record their hours on the mobile phone and I can go in at any time and get a completely updated picture of what we are doing. It also has the benefit of being able to write the invoices faster, where in the past I would have to wait for the handwritten timesheets to be delivered once a week. ”