Individual reports

Many and very different information about production and orders is recorded in Tracelink. Information about time consumption, goods consumption, shipments, method, quality control, machine consumption, batch info, etc. is stored in the system and it is often relevant to be able to generate reports that compile a selection of all the information.

It has proved difficult to create one report format that meets all of our clients' needs, so instead we have now created a tool that allows you to design completely individual report layouts - you choose the information you want to include the report and choose how the information should be displayed, depending on whether it is a closing report, a control report, a service report, a package leaflet or something else entirely. In principle, you can have a whole collection of different report / print templates that you use in different contexts.

Tracelink has an interface that allows you to create the templates yourself, but in the case of other very simple reports, we recommend that you make us the templates.

Send a sketch or example of what the report should look like and we will find out where the information is in your part of the Tracelink database and we will put it in the layout you specify. This way, you and your customers get the information exactly as you want it.