Let the customers
have a look

One of the very low-hanging fruits is utilizing IT for better collaboration with customers. If you have Tracelink, we suggest giving key customers a login so they can follow along.

Of course, they should only be able to follow their own orders, but we make sure of that.

Allowing the customer to keep up with the production can have many benefits - and of course you can control how
  • The customer can see how far the production is, so you do not have any disturbing status queries. For the customer, it also has the great advantage of being able to see when your production is finished ahead of time; This often means that the customer can speed up his processes, with the possibility of better utilization of resources and faster invoicing.
  • You can allow the customer to self-notify new orders. That way the customer can fill up your order book by himself! It saves time for both you and your customer.
  • The customer has the opportunity to specify the expected start date and the desired end date for the order. Eg. we have a number of industry templates that let their customer know when they expect to hand in new paintwork items and when they would like them returned.
  • During production, you can share documentation of the order - it can be photos or technical reports. This means that changes can be documented quickly.
  • The system can be set up to notify the customer when special events occur. Eg. customer can receive a text message when you mark an order as completed.
You decide how many of your customers should have access to Tracelink - and of course you decide whether you or the customer should pay for the access. External customer access costs a few hundred dollars a month.