New time registration

In many companies, time registration is a challenge.

It takes discipline to register their time, it is a hassle to correct wrong registrations, and when the registrations eventually have to be turned into pay, you find that employees work under widely different agreements; some have a normal week Monday through Thursday - others work Monday through Friday. Some work during the day, others at night, some have flex time, others must have overtime pay before 6 p.m. And after 6 p.m. 4 pm - and so on. You can certainly supplement yourself with several variants.

In Tracelink, we record time, and we also find it hassle-free. So now we are introducing a new kind of time registration. We cannot change the discipline of our employees, but we are now trying to make it easier to correct mis-registrations and to manage multiple appointments.

If you choose to take advantage of the new time, you start by defining some employee groups, where each group includes an hourly and salary agreement which describes agreements on meeting times, breaks, rules for overtime, etc.

There is no limit to how many different appointments one can have in a company - but in the end, it is yourselves who will manage them. So we think that one should strive to have as few as possible.

Subsequently, the company's employees are linked to the groups created. All employees who register must be affiliated with a group.

There's not much more hocus-pocus in it; employees record time with start and stop, which they have done so far with just a few clicks on a tablet or smartphone. For the employees, the user interface is largely unchanged, but life as an administrator has become a little easier.