shipments and

When you produce, you will usually also need to send the product to your customer - and for this purpose you must, among other things, use a delivery note. That is not rocket science. Typically, you will create the delivery note in your financial system or you can make it via a print template in Tracelink.

But then we have the ballad; an impatient customer asks to have a part of the delivery delivered before the entire production is completed and ready for shipment. It may even happen several times on the order and in the end no one can remember what was delivered and what was left to be delivered.

It no longer has to be a concern! Tracelink has a new shipping module that can help you manage part deliveries.

It's simple to use. On all orders, a shipping box appears, indicating how much you want to deliver in the current delivery. Systems then calculate the backorder themselves and save a list of all deliveries on the order.

That way you avoid any doubt.