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New functions etc.

We update the system frequently. Here you can e.g. read a few of the main highlights, but you may also discover other nifty features you didn't know about.

Order Load
July 2023

In the order calendar, you can get a quick overview that tells you whether you have enough capacity to cover your needs. With the help of green and red percentages, it is easy to see whether there is a lack of labor or whether the hours should be distributed differently.


May 2023

The Form module in Tracelink can be used for an incredible number of things, e.g. checklists, inspections, leases and quality checks.

Forms are filled in with data from Tracelink and can, among other things, be signed electronically.


Time Registration
February 2023

We have created a recommended order in which to read our guides, so it is easy to see how you can get started with Time Registration from scratch.

This includes, among other things, creation of users and salary profiles as well as a review of salary calculation etc.


Print & Reports
September 2022

In Tracelink, you can extract data on everything in the form of prints, reports and Excel templates.

Do you need picking slips, labels or quality reports for the end customer? Or perhaps post-calculations on sales or production orders that involve product consumption, time consumption or purchases? Then take a look at our print and report modules.


Recommended purchase
September 2022

Tracelink offers a completely new feature Recommended purchases.

If you use Tracelink purchases, it will be even easier to make purchases. Based on your reservations, planned productions and planned purchases, the system suggests you a shopping list. To learn more, watch this short video that describes how to create recommended purchases.

Watch video (in Danish)

Tips & Tricks
August 2022

Would you like to become even sharper at using shortcuts and smart functions in Tracelink?

In our "Tips & Tricks" you can learn about some of the shortcuts, buttons and useful functions that will help you in your daily use of the system.

Read Tips&Tricks (in Danish)

May 2022

When documentation is crucial for the safety and quality of the work, Tracelink's handbook module is the perfect tool.


Knowledge sharing with flowcharts
November 2021

Draw flow diagrams yourself in Tracelink, either overall for the company or right down to the detail.
It brings increased value to the company when workflows and contexts are described simply and visually.


Updates about functions
February 2019

Tracelink turned 7 years old in December. Over the years, we have become much smarter about our customers' production, which is reflected in a lot of new functions and smart features.


New steel bearing
September 2019

Tracelink can now offer smith companies a steel warehouse where the steel is registered with a certificate and where the access to the warehouse can be done automatically via integration to a number of major wholesalers. Here steel can then be reserved and subsequently used on specific orders. All with full documentation.


Let the customers
have a look
April 2019

One of the very low-hanging fruits is utilizing IT for better collaboration with customers.

If you have Tracelink, we suggest giving key customers a login so they can follow along.

Of course, they should only be able to follow their own orders, but we make sure of that.


shipments and
April 2019

When you produce, you will usually also need to send the product to your customer - and for this purpose you must, among other things, use a delivery note. That is not rocket science.


New from the toolbox
March 2019

As usual, we are constantly expanding the toolbox.

Here you can read about some of the most important new features of Tracelink


New time registration
October 2018

In many companies, time registration is a challenge. It takes discipline to register their time, it is a hassle to correct wrong registrations and when the registrations eventually have to be turned into pay you discover that employees work under widely different agreements.


October 2018

If you have storage, you also need to fill up the shelves. And you probably know the experience of standing in the goods reception and thinking; "is this something we ordered?" or "wasn't that something else we ordered?"


New features
October 2018

We have spent the summer developing and launching a lot of new features. You can read more about them by logging into your Tracelink account and choosing the menu item "Lookup". A handful of the most important features you can read about here.


Individual reports
July 2018

Many and very different information about production and orders is recorded in Tracelink. Information about time consumption, goods consumption, shipments, method, quality control, machine consumption, batch info, etc. is stored in the system and it is often relevant to be able to generate reports that compile a selection of all the information.