More than 30 modules - all with a variety of features that acts together.

Tracelink - customize your solution

Modules for every need

Tracelink is made up of more than 30 different modules, which all can be configured to meet the needs of the specific company.

The modules are connected so that input in one module are naturally available where relevant in other modules - if an assignment is started in the task module, the time starts automatically in time registration, etc.

If an extra field, a function, or a "don't forget - popup" is missing, Tracelink can be easily adapted.


Start, deadline, status, journal, number, customer, prints, package leaflet, suborder


Batch / lot number, location, tracking, reservation, available, cost price, stock value, pick


Opening / closing, order / task, salary profiles, salary calculation, reports


Order, supplier, send, receive, batch registration, cost


BOM, inventory, order line breakdown, item templates, recipes

Tasks / route

Machines, people, prioritization, dependencies, clock frequency, time recording


Order, tasks, capacity, booking, employee, machines


Checklists, CE reports, forms, deviation, control form


Delivery notes, drawings, pictures, certificates, all types, directly on eg. Order, stock, employees


Interactive reports, hourly analysis, sales analysis inventory development


External customer access for order status, documents, order creation


Two-way full integration with e-conomic, import / export via CSV, others via API

Control Panel

Interactive, overview order, tasks, hours, stock, overhaul

Sales / CRM

Activities, customers, journal, status, probability, email reminder


Lending, maintenance, booking, inspection, email reminder


SMS / push / email, messages at a number of events in the system - e.g. "Order complete"


Organizing in departments, employee groups, order groups, status


Full access to data through open API for integration with local systems

Forsi / Eurotax

Integration for Forsi and Eurotax for auto paint workshops

QR codes

QR codes in stock locations, batches, orders, items

Access rights

Access to functions, rights at the field level


Special print / PDF, with barcodes, lists, pictures, etc.


Position on order, hourly records, checks, pictures


Email in / out on CRM, order, documents, reminders


Tracelink's customers continuously come up with good ideas, improvements, or even expresses a desire for a whole new module. These ideas are constantly evaluated and often find their way into Tracelink.

If your desire is only applicable to your business, Tracelink can develop it for you.

... with Tracelink it has become much easier, it is just as I can put myself down in half time!
Kirsten Elvekjær, Lakskadecentret Tectylcenter Greve

Customer cases

We have been visiting a couple of our customers after they have been using Tracelink for a long time.

Read the cases below - and get an insight into how customers use Tracelink in their daily work on planning and production:


The price of Tracelink depends on what needs and which modules are needed, as well as the number of users who will use Tracelink.

Our minimum prices start at €1,500 for setup, configuration and training, as well as €150 pr. month. This is for the minimum configuration and minimum of users.

We use it ourselves ...

And of course we take our own medicine - Tracelink's employees use:
  • Sales / CRM system to keep track of leads
  • Orders to organize the creation of new customers 
  • Time registration to keep track of time
  • Control panel to see loads on servers
  • e-conomic to bill
  • Calendars to manage planning
  • ... and much much more