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Do you need complicated discount structures in connection with e-conomic offers and orders?

With the discount module, you can create discount structures that depend on a number of parameters; Among other things, customer balance, time period, specific product and customers, etc.

All discounts can be combined crosswise.

Main functions

With Tracelink's Discount module it is possible to create discounts that go to:
  • A percentage discount or specific price on an item.
  • Discount dependent on a customer balance (a balance discount).
  • Discount for a specific period - for example: "In March we are running an extra 10% discount".
  • Discount on one or more specific items or all items.
  • Discount for one or more specific customers or all customers.

e-conomic offer and order

The discount module works together with e-conomic offers and orders.

Make an e-conomic offer or order in Tracelink (select customer, delivery and store) and press "Calculate discount".

With this, Tracelink discount will run through all discounts and conditions and calculate the total discount, after which each product line on the e-conomic offer or order will be updated with the calculated discount.

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