Print & Reports


Tracelink's print module allows you to create templates for printing any information that is archived in the system.

Do you need to regularly make order confirmations, delivery notes, service reports etc. with a special layout, we can present the information exactly as you want it.

The classic prints are order confirmations and delivery notes, but you can also get prints for job cards, picking slips, labels or quality reports for the end customer. The only limit is your imagination.

Main functions

Tracelinks Print gives you:
  • Print barcodes or QR codes based on your own data.
  • Print of data saved in e-conomic.
  • Option to send print directly to an e-mail as PDF.


With Tracelink's report module, we can pull data from the system and tailor a report for you as a PDF, CSV or Excel file.

The reports can e.g. be different types of post-calculations on sales or production orders that involve product consumption, time consumption, purchases, posted entries in e-conomic or just what you want. You may also want to compare data across orders.

Main functions

Tracelinks Reports gives you:
  • Quick access to your data.
  • Comparison of data across orders.
  • Custom reports as PDF, CSV or Excel.

Note the export features at the bottom of the Tracelink screen.

Excel templates

Data can also be processed in Tracelink's Excel template.

Extracts can, for example, be used to create overviews in Excel that can be shared with a colleague, business partner, board, etc. Upload your own specially designed Excel file and have Tracelink fill in the fields automatically. You choose what should be included and how it should look.

Data extraction is available everywhere in Tracelink, e.g. for time registrations, orders, CRM cases and purchases.

Main functions

Tracelinks Excel templates give you:
  • Custom designed editable Excel templates.
  • Access to your data in a format you can easily share with both management and business partners.
  • Extract from e.g. hour registrations for salary calculation.