The Elkjaer Groups digital contract | Tracelink


The Elkjær group is already a mentioned customer on our website, but since we first wrote about them, the chain of car repair shops has digitized their loan car contract, which makes it super easy to sign a rental contract that can be sent directly to the customer's email.

Elkjærgruppen moved several of their workshops' production management to Tracelink in 2021 to get a better solution that takes into account the different work flows of their departments. The Elkjær group has both claim centers with sheet metal and paint workshops and departments with pure sheet metal and paint work, which require different functionality in the solution.

Online loan car contract

New since the last time we wrote about the Elkjær group is that they have digitized their loan car contract. Previously, contracts disappeared a little too easily in the workshop, as everything was done on paper by hand. That work process has been digitized by creating a so-called form in Tracelink, which can extract a lot of master data from the order, so that the employees at the Elkjær group's workshops do not have to enter data, which is already on the order, again in the form.

An employee at the workshop thus adds a form which automatically retrieves information from the order, such as customer name, email address, driving license number etc. The customer can then sign the contract directly on a tablet, and a copy of the contract can be sent to the customer's email. That means that when the customer agrees to borrow a car from the Elkjær group, while their own is being repaired, they receive a loan car contract by email, which they themselves have signed at the time of rental.

In this way, the loan car contracts are completely under control, so that no misunderstandings arise - neither between the Elkjær group's employees or customers.

The Elkjær group's loan car contract.

An example of the Elkjær group's loan car contract.

Is the field on the order from which data is deducted empty, e.g. if no driver's license number has been entered, the employee can enter the number directly on the form when the contract is completed.

It has certainly made our everyday life easier that we have digitized our loan car contract in Tracelink. It is now much more manageable for us to keep track of both cars and customers," says Michael Elkjær, director of the Elkjær group.

August 2023


Today, all of Elkjærgruppen's departments use Tracelink. This has made it easy for the employees on the floor to see where each individual car is in the process - even if it is with another department. The first time we wrote about the Elkjær group, we briefly introduced the BPM implemented to connect the departments and automate the work.

The BPM describes the entire work flow; receives the dented car from the workshop, fixes the dent, sends the car on to the paint shop and gets it back again for preparation. Then there is complete control over the orders, even when they are active in other departments, and everything happens automatically without worrying about whether the work has now also been invoiced etc. There is thus no doubt among the employees at the workshop as to how far the car has reached in its repair process and which department it is in.

Extended varnish solution

When the Elkjær group has a close collaboration with a sheet metal workshop that also uses Tracelink, they can super easily collaborate on the same cars via Tracelink. Eg. can they have a joint order for a car that needs to be appraised, or do sheet metal work that then needs to be painted and finally returned to the sheet metal shop for preparation before delivery.

If you collaborate with sheet metal workshops that do not yet use Tracelink, you can call or write to us at Then we set up a meeting where we tell you about the benefits of joint order management, for example: Better compliance with deadlines, simple creation of orders without having approved FORSI reports ready, efficient handling of loan cars or simple quality control is etc.