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If effective planning and management of the work is essential, documentation and quality control a "must"?


Tracelink is used by companies in a wide range of industries, where effective planning and management of work is crucial, and where traceability, documentation and quality control are a "must" in relation to customers or authorities.

Our web and mobile solution is an effective alternative to time-consuming manual procedures when you want digital documentation or production management etc.

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Tracelink is built around a large number of modules, each with its own functionality, which can easily be set up specifically for your company. With its modular structure, the system is flexible to configure, so it will match your needs.

Tracelink is a user-friendly solution for companies in several different industries who want a better overview of their production or streamlining of work processes.


The solution that suits you

Even if none of the above industry solutions suits you, Tracelink can certainly solve a lot of the challenges you have.

Whether you need an effective CRM system to keep track of your customers, or a time tracking system that can work with multiple profiles / agreements.

Contact us and we will find the solution that suits your particular business.

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It has been an important goal for me that we could combine all digital registrations in one system, we can now in Tracelink. It's simple and effective.

Lars Trankjær, Director Brøndum Stål

We have to keep track of many things in order to deliver the right solutions on time. When we receive an order, we must check via bill of materials that we have all the components we need and alternatively we must sent purchase orders with reliable expectations for delivery - and we must know whether we have free capacity in production.
We have that overview in Tracelink.

Lars Bjørn, Manager, Suncil Aps

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