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Basic Inventory Management

Tracelink's Inventory Management gives you a full overview of all your goods and when they are in stock.

Basic Inventory Management

Did you loose your inventory module in e-conomic as of 31/12/2023?

Or are you looking for simple inventory and stock management functions to optimize your warehouse operations?

Then we offer an all-in-one solution for managing stock, orders and purchases.

Main Features

Tracelinks Basic Inventory Management gives you:
  • Storage location on product card.
  • Easy overview of stock reserved/available.
  • Current stock value and data on previous values.
  • Stock forecast - when will the goods be in stock? etc.
  • Pick stock items with QR code via app.

e-conomic market

Basic Inventory Management can be added directly in the e-conomic market.


Tracelinks Basic Inventory Management offer a three-in-one solution with:

Read our product sheet for more information about the solution.

Read our product sheet (in Danish)

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