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We started in 2013 with steel tracking. Since then, everything around production, planning, management - and much, much more has been added

Tracelink was established in 2013 with the goal of creating a simple, flexible, mobile and inexpensive IT system for planning, managing and documenting production in small and medium-sized businesses. This is not a trivial task, but we do everything we can to create great value for our customers.

Our software is handcrafted by ourselves - right here in small Denmark. We have complete control over the quality and functionality down to the smallest detail.


From idea to development

Tracelink originates from a pilot project funded by the The Danish Industry Foundation in 2013. The starting point was then mobile handling of material traceability in the steel industry.

  • In 2014, Tracelink received financial support from the innovation community Borean, which in this connection bought into the company. In addition to material traceability, we built time recording, quality management and integration for e-conomic into the system as one of the first. Since then, our product has evolved into a generally mobile tool for planning, managing and documenting production, assembly and service in small and medium-sized businesses.
  • In the spring of 2016, Borean sold its shares in the company. In the same year, we developed integration for Forsi - the insurance companies' claim settlement system - and launched an industry solution for car painters. That solution has since been extended to also cover sheet metal workshops.
  • In 2017, we introduced warehouse management with batch, as well as the possibility to work with BOMs linked to production. This element of production planning was subsequently added to route planning.
  • In 2019, we launched purchasing functionality as part of inventory management.
  • Most recently, we have developed a CRM module to support the sales processes that lead to production. During the development of Tracelink, we have implemented countless minor improvements and new functions at the request of our customers, who have largely functioned as important development partners.
  • Today, our product is a versatile mobile ERP system for planning, managing and documenting production, assembly and service in small and medium-sized companies.

Tracelink is owned by the two founders Peter Dreyer and Claus Bo Nielsen. Our organization, which today consists of 10+ employees with strong skills in development, implementation, customer support and communication, is based in Aarhus in premises on Brunbjergvej in Risskov.


You are in safe hands

It takes many hands to make all the pieces fall into place, but fortunately we have experts in several different areas who can service our customers within system development, implementation and support.


Tracelink is used in many different industries, who all have a goal of managing either order handling or stock values, etc. and is used in both small and medium-sized companies. Common to our customers is a high professional ability and limited experience in using IT.

We recognize that IT is not at the top of our clients' agenda and therefore we spend a lot of energy on creating simple solutions and ensuring that every customer get a set-up that adds value in their everyday lives. We know it can be done.

Approximately 200 companies with thousands of users in Denmark, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Germany use our solutions. Our solutions provide value both for small businesses with only a handful of users and for larger companies with hundreds of users.

One of Tracelink's pragmatic strengths is that the administrator's desktop registration works in parallel with the warehouse employee's use of the Tracelink App at the warehouse shelf. It provides optimal support for the interaction between the company's departments, regardless of expertise, level of education and mother tongue. Contact us if you want specific references.

Our solutions are used in:

  • Construction industry
  • Steel industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Print industry
  • Food industry
  • Medico industry
  • Service industry

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Our main value

We work with a focus on simplifying and streamlining you
and your employees' everyday work through an intuitive management system


Tracelink collaborates with a number of companies and organizations that help increase the value of our functionality. We have partners who partly, as advisors, can help our clients in various industries to make the right setup of Tracelink to achieve maximum value, and partners who have digital solutions that complement Tracelink and which we therefore offer integration into.


Tracelink has, in collaboration with Visma - e-conomic, created a solution where Tracelink is fully integrated with e-conomic. This means, among other things, the product catalog, customer database and invoice data are shared by the two systems. By using the integration between the two systems, information flow between office staff and production professionals becomes much more fluid, with less risk of errors and greater efficiency in the processes.

In addition, through dealers, Tracelink has made integrations for e.g.:

  • Microsoft C5
  • Microsoft Nav
  • Microsoft Business Central

Car Paint

In connection with Tracelink's solution for auto paint workshops, we have made full integration to:

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Steel Industry

Together with a couple of partners, we have created a solution where delivery notes and certificates on purchased materials are automatically delivered from the wholesaler's order system and read directly into our customer's Tracelink archive. This provides automatic traceability without further work. On the content side, we in the steel industry have a collaboration with the wholesalers:

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Your integration?

If you need integration to and from other systems, let's take a look. We have made it easy for others to program against Tracelink, so in many cases integration is an affordable task.

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