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Tracelink is designed for CE marking in forging and steel companies that need to comply with the EN 1090 certification requirement.


EN1090 traceability; that's where Tracelink started. Tracelink's industry solution for forging and steel companies is used by steel companies all over Denmark.

The solution handles for example; steel certificates, welding logs, welding checks and employee welding certificates.


A Tracelink Steel Solution typically contains the following modules:


When the steel wholesalers supply steel for building structures, traceability information is automatically transferred to the forging company Tracelink's account, whereupon the exact pieces of steel used are fully controlled so that the structure can be CE marked. Relevant information such as date of receipt, item type, quantity and batch numbers are recorded.

In addition, receipts and certificates received digitally are attached to the steel. In this way, you create a link between the physical steel and all relevant information stored in the Tracelink database via a bar code on the steel.

We have integration with the following wholesalers:

The integration means that Tracelink obtains information about the raw material - ie the steel - directly from the wholesaler. In this way, CE documentation is collected automatically and EN 1090 is complied with without the smith having to do anything. In addition to traceability, the solution includes the following modules:

Welding log

The system offers easy registration of welds via smartphone. Welding certificates can be stored for each employee; when an employee is designated as a performing weld at a checkpoint, his certificates always "accompany". All control points are collected in a welding log for the order with all information from all welds. Each weld can be documented with pictures, as well as notes for visual control.

CE report

It is easy to place documents, forms or pictures on the individual order. When the design is complete, a CE report can be created containing material lists, leaflets, certificates and other selected documents.

Orders and Production Management

Our order management provides good opportunities to plan production and maintain overview and management of resources in the form of both employees and machines. We also have a storage module where you can monitor inventory processing and consumption and ensure timely procurement. Read more about Stock management.

Salary, driving and time registration

Tracelinks come/go registration generates data for payroll system. Via the mobile phone or tablet, the employee records the start of working hours, any breaks and the end of work.

The employee can also record time spent on individual tasks. This gives you an accurate picture of the time consumption, which can thus be invoiced and evaluated in a subsequent calculation.

When driving, GPS can calculate driving distance and driving time to/from customers. Read more about Time tracking.

Tools & machine registration and maintenance

It's easy to keep track of the tool. The system provides a complete overview of tools and machines. You always know who borrowed the tool. And when it has been used - and on what project.

You can also see if the tool or machine has been inspected and calibrated according to current rules before the deadline. It is easy to create lists of tools and status, so you can always document that you use approved equipment.


You pay only for what you use

The system can be adapted and set up in many different ways. The price for Tracelink therefore varies according to the solution that suits your company.

Contact us if you want to get an offer calculated for your specific needs.

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Customer case

EN 1090 certification

CE marking according to EN 1090 requirements is an important factor for many of our customers. Here we talk about Brøndum Stål, which has complete control over CE certification:

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