Quality management for better production | Tracelink


Tracelink's quality management module makes it easy to document the quality of each production order.

We have focused on creating the opportunity to tailor quality management to exactly your business, so it is as simple as possible to record all the factors in your production that are important when you want to assess and document the quality.

With Tracelink's quality management, it becomes clear where the problems occur and how much they affect your company. Eg. you could potentially find yourself in a situation where the quality from a certain supplier is always of low quality, so you end up sending the goods back, which delays the delivery to your own customers. In the long run, you may lose customers or it worsens your relationship. Based on the collected data from Tracelink, you can decide what to do about the problem.

Using Tracelink's data reports, you have the opportunity to monitor whether the quality improves after you have initiated action areas to fix the problem. The reports can be used both in relation to what you receive from your suppliers and what you produce yourself.

We had a great focus on making the functionality as simple as possible, so that all your employees feel safe using it.

Main Features

Tracelink Quality gives you:
  • Design tool for online quality documents
  • Checklists and checklists
  • CE label
  • Automatic sample analysis
  • Photo documentation

In Tracelink terminology, our quality management is a form and a printout:

  • A form you can 'develop' yourself.
  • A form that can affect a print sent to head office, a supplier, or a customer, etc.
  • From the forms, a report can be made, from which different patterns can be defined. It is these reports where problems become visible.