Analysis reports | Tracelink


Tracelink's analytics module allows you to generate reports.

There are some standard reports in Tracelink, but new customized reports can be purchased.

The control panel may also contain headings showing ongoing analyzes of e.g. hours on orders compared to budget.

Around hour recording it is possible to make "drill-down" graphs for specific analysis of e.g. what orders have spent a lot of time and what that time has gone to, etc.

Main Features

Tracelink Analysis gives you:
  • Reports - both standard and customized
  • Customized extract - for example. BI tools
  • Control panel headings, e.g. hourly budget, billing, etc.
  • Analysis of hourly, driving, etc.

Customized analyses

If you use e-conomic, you can create a series of graphs via Tracelink, which are based on a mix of accounting data from e-conomic and data from Tracelink.

Example of a graph showing revenue per hour registered in Tracelink

The graph shows turnover per hour registered in Tracelink.

Make e.g. a graph of turnover per hour registered in Tracelink, turnover per Tracelink order, won vs. new CRM cases, specific expenses in relation to income linked to selected chosen, or keep an eye on fuel expenses per working hour.

Make as many analyzes as needed, save them and see the development month by month.