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Stock and inventory

Tracelink Stock Management helps you register new items and keep track of stock values, so you always know what you have in stock - with or without batch/lot management. When the warehouse is under control, you can quickly and easily determine a reliable delivery date, so that customers are happy and satisfied. When you receive the order, you reserve the item on the order in Tracelink and can easily pick it out directly via the Tracelink app.

Along with Tracelink Purchase, the expected return of goods to the warehouse and automatic calculation of cost price are also controlled.

Main Features

Tracelink Stock provides you:
  • Quick overview of what is reserved and available
  • Location of the warehouses
  • Inventory value - current and historical
  • Stock forecast - what is reserved and when will more be in stock
  • Full traceability from raw material to finished product through batch / lot management
  • Easy pick of stock with QR codes (among others) which minimize errors
Reserved items on an order.


Our Solutions offers you a standard package of modules and functions within several different industries and inventory management needs, which production, steel or construction.

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