Inventory - QR and barcodes

QR and barcodes

The physical world can be drawn into Tracelink using QR codes and barcodes. By scanning a QR code directly from the Tracelink app, it is possible to perform a number of work routines.

The QR code can sit on many different items - from tools, worksheets, storage shelves, materials, constructions and more.

Main Features

In Tracelink, there are many options that allow you to link a physical object (tool, stock item, order form, etc.) to a function. It can, for example, be that you need knowledge to choose the right product.

With the help of QR codes and barcodes it is possible e.g. to:

  • Go directly to an order (for example, start time tracking, take pictures, etc.)
  • Picking goods (from eg a batch)
  • Borrowing tools
  • Place an item on an order
  • Allow external customer to see order documentation

QR codes on scroll

As a Tracelink customer, you can order a roll of stickers with unique QR codes pre-printed. They are made with a strong adhesive so they can stick to some.

It is also possible to print your own brands with your company logo, and to the size you want.

A sroll of QR-codes.


Tracelink can also print and read traditional barcodes. The first time they are read, a description is entered, so Tracelink subsequently knows what has been scanned.

The scanned item can then be placed on an order, thus providing a complete list of items used on an order. It can for example. be finished components included in an order.

This is how Tracelink's QR code column can look on mobile.

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