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Are you ready to get your production organized?

Tracelink is a ERP system for production companies that want a better overview of the processes in their production.

With a Tracelink Production Solution, it becomes easier to plan and streamline workflows - from order to invoice.

Production management

Tracelink's Production Management is for you who want to save time, minimize waste, avoid duplication of work and achieve better finances.

We have more than 10 years of experience with ERP consulting within production planning, which is why many companies have already achieved major efficiency gains with a better overview of orders, stock and purchases, etc.


A Tracelink Production Management Solution typically includes the following modules:

Governance, overview and decision

Make the order book completely digital and share it with the employees if necessary. Hang a big TV-screen in the production hall where everyone will be able to see and update the status of orders on the way in and orders in production. That way everyone gets an overview. With just a few clicks, an order can be updated and documented with bill of lading, route and much more.

Production Planning

Efficient production requires good task planning. With Tracelink's various calendars, it is easy to place orders in the calendar, book resources and delegate tasks needed to execute the order.

Time Tracking

It is easy to record the time spent on each order or task completed. The registration can be used for invoicing or post-calculation, as you easily can tell if deadlines has been ecxeeded on the individual order.

The time record can also be used to register pay/leave.


Use of bill of materials (BOM) can be activated upon order receipt, so ordering a finished product results in a bill of raw materials to be picked out or a list of assignments to be delegated. This is done in order to automatically time up the quantity of the requested order.

The use of this feature requires the use of Tracelink's inventory management solution.

Inventory Management

Tracelink has a simple inventory management solution that is used, for example, if you need to handle billboards or if you need traceability in production. If the finished product contains raw materials with batch information, then Tracelink keeps track of exactly which raw materials are included in the finished product.

This allows you to find all the traceability information that is relevant to e.g. callbacks or complaints and this obviously makes it easy to monitor inventory.


Many companies find that authorities or customers require documentation of the materials that are included in the production - whether due to health / food and safety, environmental considerations, durability or other conditions. With Tracelink you have traceability - whether you need individual labeling or batch management of the storage.

Quality control and Documentation

Tracelink makes it easy to document the processes associated with production, as well as documenting part results along the way. At the same time, you can place documents, forms or pictures on the individual order.


With Tracelink, it is easy to trace a complaint about a product back through production. If there is a systematic error for part of the production, it is possible to determine the exact extent of the error.


Tracelink is close to being a full ERP-system, but is missing the financial part. At the other hand, Tracelink is easy to integrate with the e-conomic financial system. Data can be exchanged, if you use both solutions. An e-conomic order can e.g. easily be converted to a Tracelink production order, which can subsequently be billed in e-conomic.

Customer feed-back

By labeling the products with Tracelink's QR codes, each product becomes unique. This allows for individualized dialogue with customers.

On the one hand, you can give the customer access to unique information about exactly the product he / she has acquired, and on the other, you can collect and structure feed-back from the customers. It can be the company's foundation for innovation.


You only pay for what you need

All companies have different work processes and therefore different needs for production management. For some, it will be essential that the system can handle bill of materials or that it is integrated into an accounting program. For others, the primary need will be that there is control over the warehouse or that tasks can be distributed. As the system can be set up in very different ways, the price varies depending on the solution you are looking for.

Contact us so that we can calculate an offer specific to your needs.

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Customer cases

Nice overview. Easy to follow the order's path through the house. Accurate recording of time. Good collaboration with e-conomic. Easy to correct orders after they are created and edit people's time tracking if they have the wrong clock time registrations.

Jens Thomassen, Manager. Speed Color A/S.

I use Tracelink in my daily work. The system has a huge number of options. If we come across shortcomings in terms of usage, Tracelink's friendly and competent staff is always willing to explore the possibility of further developing the tools on the site.
I am very pleased with the system and not least the staff behind.

Rikke Jørgensen, Production Assistant, Give Steel A / S.

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