Phønix Tag Energi designs, supplies and assembles complete solar cell systems for roof structures for both private customers and businesses.

The plants can also be installed on green roofs, giving an extra green profile.

"It's been important for us to have an easy-to-use system - both in the office and for our installers."

Morten Elsborg,
Sales Manager Phoenix Tag Energi

The product is attractive but also complex to deliver. Phønix Roof Energi's design, delivery and assembly require regulatory approvals, subcontracting coordination, resource planning and comprehensive documentation.

To ensure consistency and efficient control of the process, Phønix Tag Energi has chosen Tracelink to handle the construction projects. When Morten Elsborg, sales manager, went in search of a system there were several requirements.

"I was looking for a new system that could save time and create an overview," Morten explains, "- but the choice of Tracelink was not only due to the system's functions, but also that we wanted a system that would not be an excessive investment - neither economically or especially educationally. The user interface is simple for everyone and Tracelink's subscription model is attractive compared to other solutions with 6-digit costs up-front. "

Task Mangement

The spider in the middle of Phønix Tag Energi's project stick is the installation manager Claus Jørgensen, who manages the calendar and staffing for the many construction projects from his Vejle office. "We have too many projects for me to accommodate," says Claus, "- but with Tracelink's task overview it's easy to see where I have available capacity and where there are bottlenecks."

With around 3000 individual assignments spread over 500 orders a year, you could easily lose track of your schedule. And precisely because the projects involve many actors, the overview is crucial to the success.

Today, all the orders and all the related tasks are documented in Tracelink stating times, responsible employees, dependence on other tasks and much more. "Of course, we may experience delays that affect our deliveries," Claus adds, "- but I still have the overview."

In addition to using Tracelink for planning, Phønix Tag Energy also extensively uses the system for documentation. When scanning barcodes it is e.g. quickly record the serial numbers of all the panels used on a project. The KS forms are completed online and in general Tracelink is set up so that the amount of paper and manual registrations is kept to a minimum.

Quality report

An important feature of Phønix Tag Energy is the project's final quality reports. During the projects, a large amount of information is archived; everything from drawing material to the registration of serial numbers, product sheets on plants and photo documentation of constructions to KS forms and government approvals.

All the information is stored on the order in Tracelink and can of course be found at any time by an employee. But Phönix Tag Energi also needs to prepare a final report containing much of the archived information.

These kinds of templates for special reports are encoded in Tracelink. "We showed them the report's layout and content, and then Tracelink coded a feature that retrieves various data from our database and sets it all up nicely," Morten tells Elsborg and continues; "we then got a 'button' that we can press whenever we have to make a report - a click, a report - it's really easy."

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