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Tracelink is fundamentally an independent IT system, but of course you shouldn't have to create the same data several times. Tracelink has "plug-and-play" integration for accounting programs such as e-conomic and Microsoft Business Central, so that the everyday life of your production is linked to the accounting.

If you already have a well-functioning ERP system, financial program or something similar – e.g. C5, NAV or AX – which contains data relevant to the use of Tracelink – e.g. order numbers – can we help integrate the systems so they can exchange data. Through our API, integration can be established with other accounting programs – e.g. NAV and C5.

Main Features

Tracelink Finance gives you:
  • Quickly convert sales orders into production orders
  • Automatic invoice creation
  • Inventory value regulation
  • Postings for financial statements, invoices and project cards
  • Easy access to offers, orders, product catalog and customer database

Visma e-conomic

Tracelink's integration to e-conomic gives you a "mirror" into e-conomic, which makes it easy to exchange order data, customer information, product consumption, offers, invoice information, etc. between the two systems. You can therefore work with data from e-conomic directly in Tracelink, which will later be updated again in e-conomic when you send the information back.

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Business Central

Tracelink can also be integrated into Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central (the new version of NAV), so you can easily use all of Business Central's functions and at the same time let Tracelink handle production - i.e. task management, order templates, bill of materials, time recording, planning, etc.


We have developed an API (collection of "handles" for programming) which makes it easy to establish a connection to various accounting programs. In addition to e-conomic and Business Central, we also have integration for C5 and AX.

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