Tracelink is an open platform. This means that it is possible to integrate other systems with Tracelink.

The API - which is based on industry standards - makes it easy for an IT expert to exchange data between Tracelink and a number of other systems.

Main Features

With the Tracelink API it is possible to retrieve, update, create and delete data in Tracelink's database. Examples of integrations via API are
  • Creating order from other system
  • Read hour records from Tracelink into another system
  • Syncing user accounts
  • Get messages on order closure
  • Send receive messages

Data API

The Data API is based on a RESTfull interface over HTTPS. Ie that there are a number of URLs for retrieving, updating, creating and deleting data in Tracelink's database.

Data back and forth can be in either JSON or XML format.

Event API

The Event API is based on a websocket connection with STOMP as a transport protocol.

An application can connect to the Tracelink event server and subscribe to a whole series of events. This can be done, for example be order.update - where Tracelink will send the message the moment the rewarding order is updated.


Documentation for the two APIs can be obtained by contacting Tracelink.