ERP calendar gives overview of orders etc. | Tracelink


In many places in Tracelink it is possible to view and plan using a calendar.

Each calendar has a number of "views" - day, week, next 14 days, month, etc. and you have the option to make "full screen" so you can watch a long time ahead.


The Calendar is used in a number of modules:
  • Order Calendar: When is the order scheduled to be executed?
  • Tasks / Routes: Who should do what and when?
  • Time Tracking: Get a very clear way to view all the time records for all users in a given period - and possibly correct them.
  • Absence Calendar: Keep track of when employees are on vacation, on a course, etc.
  • Booking Calendar: See when e.g. a tool is on loan and book a new loan.

An example of absence calendar for employees.

Work Calendar

If you need to manage your employees - "where should Poul be during the day" - Tracelink's Work Calendar can be used.

As an administrator, you can schedule your fellow travelers' time, enter them into the Work Calendar and employees can see on their mobile, where they should be on any given day, by going to "My Calendar". Here they can see today's work - for example.

An example of the work calendar.

If you need more advanced task management - Tracelink's task module can be used.

Own calendars

In addition to the calendars that are "built into" the system, you can create all the calendars you need - either as a regular calendar or as a resource calendar.

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