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Tom Rossau

Tom Rossau got the idea for his beautiful, functional lamp design from random observations made 15 years ago, during his studies of slats' ability to move. Today, TOM ROSSAU's light sources are on their way to becoming new classics, and can be purchased from dealers all over the world.

An employee of Tom Rossau is making a lamp
Tom Rossau is, among other things, inspired by the special light and the curved landscapes of Odsherred's coasts, where he was born and raised.

Tom Rossau was looking earlier this year for a cloud system with efficient resource management of purchasing, storage and production - and the choice fell on Tracelink. Since March 2021, the company has used the new solution, and we are on target with the configuration, so that the system also works optimally with the financial system e-conomic.

One of the central functions for Tom Rossau is Stock development in Tracelink's management of the finished goods warehouse. The function can be accessed as an overall overview of the entire production or can alternatively be selected as a function on the tab inside the individual stock item.

Stock development

The inventory development overview gives the company the opportunity to monitor and ensure the day-to-day balance between sales, production, purchasing and current stock status.

The amount of available finished goods is continuously updated as new sales orders with delivery dates are loaded and new production orders are started. With this, a picture of the need for production of all lamp models is maintained based on immediate stock and stock arrival/departure over time.

Overview of Tom Rossau's storage development shown in Tracelink Excerpt from overview of Tom Rossau's warehouse development, showing the ongoing need for production.

Production management

Tracelink's experience with production management from Danish steel production will also benefit Tom Rossau in the long run, as the materials that are brought home and used in production are traceable right down to the batch level.

The quality management regarding the natural lamp materials i.a. the different types of wood veneer are therefore in good hands with Tracelink's material management and functions for traceability.

Living room displaying Tom Rossau's lamps
When orders keep ticking in from home and abroad, Tracelink's inventory development function helps maintain the necessary flow in production.

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June 2021