Overview with control panel | Tracelink


Tracelink's real-time dashboard - or control panel - provides a complete overview of key parameters in your production - from order status to who makes what, to order-hour budget.

The dashboard can be a big screen in production, in the office, in the canteen - wherever it is important to show key information.

A dashboard has a number of "boxes" that can be customized in size, location, etc.

Main Features

Tracelink Dashboard provides:
  • Custom / configurable content - each uses its own board
  • 50+ different categories - lists, graphs, maps, watches, charts, etc.
  • Interactive with mouse-over popup, click to see etc.
  • Drag'n'drop function for e.g. to change status, commence tasks, etc.
  • Alarms on lists for e.g. tool control, order exceeded, etc.


The Dashboard below focuses on the order flow (the first 5 "columns"). By drag'n'drop it is easy to change a status from "light blue" to "orange" status.

Other sections include a tracking map of the current position of a company car, a weather forecast and a diagram of how many employees are at work.

Note the yellow popup with order details, which appears by hovering over the order.