Do you have control over the planning?

Get full control and traceability on the construction.

Tracelink is the obvious ERP system for planning, streamlining and managing work.


Tracelink is used by actors at the construction site to ensure:
  • Traceability of materials
  • Tool tracking and consumption
  • Documentation of constructions
  • Snaglists
  • Time Sheet


A Tracelink Construction Solution typically includes the following modules:

Traceability of materials

Your customers and authorities often make demands on the materials used - and to prove that the requirements have been met, e.g. in accordance with EN 1090 and ISO 3834.

Dealing with this is at the heart of Tracelink. With QR codes, you mark up your materials and link all relevant documentation to the codes.

Tool tracking and consumption

For a large part of the company's tools, there are requirements for regular self-checking and possibly calibration. When you use tools registered in Tracelink, you can register current consumption and warnings if the tool is approaching the deadline for checking or calibration.

Documentation of constructions

With Tracelink on your smartphone, you can continuously document the collection of designs in accordance with drawings that have already been entered into the database.

This is easily done via the camera function, where images are stored directly on the drawing - or the order - in Tracelink


When handing over construction - or just parts of it - a deficiency list is often drawn up.

With Tracelink you and your employees have the opportunity to continuously identify known deficiencies and thereby save time on the transfer.

Time Sheet

Hour registration is a natural extension of Tracelink's documentation of processes.

When you use the app to register the processes in advance, it is easy to simultaneously record the time consumption associated with each completed order. The registration can be used for billing or post-calculation.

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Our team has developed a competitive and simple piece of software that many industries can use.

This means that the system can be adapted to several different work needs, and therefore the price depends on which solution you need.

To give you a feeling, we have calculated on a price estimate that describes what our customers often pay for start-up and subscription.

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