Get your solution tailored to your needs - we are ready to help with setup and configuration

Tracelink - get started safely


Tracelink's extensive flexibility enables you to customize the solution to your particular business needs.

You can immediately start setting up company employees as users and entering information about your production, but you can also have the system customized with special functionality to meet your specific needs.

And we can help all users get a good introduction to the various features.


As soon as you have registered for your company, you will receive login information and you can in principle start immediately.
Our solutions are characterized by being easy to adapt and easy to use. That is why getting started is extremely quick. However, our experience shows that it can be a good idea to get some help with the setup when busy. Therefore, our start-up includes a workshop with the customer, where we calmly assist with setup and review the most important functions.

We have the routine and can help you with the setup - e.g. we can create company users and resources, specify type designations on materials, import existing data from spreadsheets, etc. and of course also help with more advanced setup.

That way, it will be easier to get started efficiently.


Although Tracelink, with its modular design and flexibility in setup, can easily be adapted to most companies' needs, there can of course be situations with very special requirements that you need us to meet.

For example, the system may reflect workflows that are unique to your business.

We are open to the need for customized customer-specific functions and we can usually develop the optimal solution.

Customization does not have to be expensive.


Tracelink is basically an independent IT system, but of course you do not have to create the same data multiple times.

So if you already have a well-functioning ERP system, financial system or something similar - e.g. C5, NAV or AX - which contains data relevant to the use of Tracelink - it could for example. be order numbers - we can help integrate the systems so they can exchange data.

We have created a comprehensive API (collection of "handles" for programming) that makes it easy for your financial system provider to establish a connection from another system.

Tracelink has plug n 'play integration with e-conomic, which makes it easy to exchange customer information, order data, product consumption, invoice information etc. between the two systems.

The integration is set up with just a few clicks.

Tracelink also has an integration with Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central (the new online version of NAV) allowing you to use all of the Business Central's features and let Tracelink handle the production - order templates, task management, scheduling, time tracking, etc.


Tracelink is by far a user-friendly system, but of course you may need help with some feature, or you may be thinking "Tracelink must be able to do this".

That is why you have an easy opportunity to contact us:

70 26 10 01

We are ready to answer you Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. 8am to 4pm - Friday only until 3pm