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It is the obvious IT solution for food producers who want better transparency between management, production and quality assurance.


The food industry's requirements for traceability place high demands on inventory management and documentation of the manufacturing process and on batch management in the warehouse with detailed information on raw materials and finished products. Tracelink has control of that.


A Tracelink Food Management Solution typically contains the following modules:

Production Order

In Tracelink we distinguish between production orders and sales orders. On a production order, traceability information is collected on the raw materials that are part of the production - and when the production is complete, it forms a batch on the finished product manufactured. The method of preparation is also recorded; which machines - and what settings of them - have been used.

Sales Order

A sales order will typically generate a pick list and when the items are packed and the order is completed, an invoice with traceability information is generated on each item line.


Use of bill of materials / recipes can be set to activate at the time of order receiption, so that ordering a finished product results in the unfolding of a bill of raw materials to be picked. The size of the production will automatically multiply the bill to fit the recipe.

This feature requires for the inventory management module to be used as well.


A food traceability solution can advantageously be integrated to a financial system such as e-conomic. This makes it possible to automatically add traceability information to each item line on the invoice.

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Therefore, the system can be set up in several different ways, which is why the price varies accordingly, depending on which solution you need.

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