SME: digital

More efficient production via digital solutions is not just a matter of choosing the right software; it is also about data discipline and changing work routines.

We believe that Tracelink is a good starting point, but sometimes external advice may be needed. Through the Danish Business Authority's program SME: digital you can now increase support to hire a consultant who can help you make the right choices.

SMEs: digital offers more opportunities for grants, but it is generally about getting companies ready for a digital transition.

For a start, it is important to get the specifics of what the challenge really is; cumbersome workflows - stock items that are lost - hours that are not billed - capacity not utilized - lack of scheduling that causes bottlenecks and delays - or something else entirely. You may already know this, but maybe you can get a counselor to dig out the causes of the busy everyday life.

Based on the identified challenges, a requirements specification should be made for the system you either just have in mind or may already have acquired. If you are still in the procurement phase, requirements specification is needed to compare the different systems - have you already purchased, the requirements specification can be used to identify any. "holes" in the solution you bought. If there are gaps, you may be able to change some existing workflows.

The video below tells about a fairly typical case (which however did not involve Tracelink).

Since Tracelink is a system vendor, for good reasons we cannot be advisors in the program; one would rightly fear that we were a little colored in our recommendations. But we know a number of the approved advisers, and we would like to point you further towards them so that they can help you further in the process.

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