Auto painting

Auto painters in Denmark and Sweden use Tracelink's industry solution for planning, managing and documenting production in the auto paint industry.

The system supports the processes from order receipt to invoicing and post-calculation with integration to Forsi and Eurotax.


A Tracelink car paint solution typically contains the following modules

Governance, overview and decision

Make the order book completely digital and share it if necessary. with the employees. Hang up a big screen in the production hall where everyone will be able to see and update the status of both orders on the way in and orders in production, so that everyone gets an overview.

On the control panel - or the big screen - it is easy to see all the paint orders where they are in the process. Are there many in 'sealing' or maybe there is a bottleneck in 'Preparing'. If the phone rings from a customer asking for an order, it is easy by just looking at the big screen to see how far it is in the process.

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Production Planning

Efficient production requires good task planning. With Tracelink's various calendars, it is easy to place orders in the calendar, book resources and delegate tasks needed to execute the order.

Time Recording

It is easy to record the time spent on each order or task completed. The registration can be used for invoicing or post-calculation, as it is easy to see if the time has passed on the individual order.

The time record can also be used to register pay/leave.

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Forsi and Eurotax

With integration with FORSI, paint reports (damage reports) will be available in Tracelink, where they can be converted into production orders and later invoiced via e-conomic.

With Eurotax you can make your own paint calculations yourself, as possible. can be used for checking or for new offers to customers outside FORSI.

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Inventory management

Tracelink has a simple inventory management solution that is used, for example, if you need to handle billboards or if you need traceability in production. If the finished product contains raw materials with batch information, then Tracelink keeps track of exactly which raw materials are included in the finished product.

This allows you to find all the traceability information that is relevant to e.g. callbacks or complaints and this obviously makes it easy to monitor inventory.

Quality control and documentation

Tracelink makes it easy to document the processes associated with production, as well as documenting part results along the way. At the same time, it is easy to place documents, forms or pictures on the individual order.

Therefore, it is easy to document a dent in a car that was there when it was received, or document its work.

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Integration for e-conomic

Tracelink is not a financial system, but is very closely integrated with the e-conomic financial system. If you use both solutions, data can be easily exchanged. Thus, your Forsi varnish order can be automatically converted to an e-conomic invoice record when the order is closed. After that, simply post the invoice record - then the invoice is sent to the customer.

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